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Hello again!
My first post discussed the steps leading up to the decision of when and where to build a new library for Cadott. This article will explore ways the new building will meet current and future needs of our community. Libraries are no longer simply a place to get books. They are educational, social, and sometimes economical community centers. Let me explain.
The educational piece is probably the most obvious. Cardholders have free access to shelves full of books and media in an endless variety of topics and reading abilities. Locally unavailable titles can be delivered to our library through the MORE Library consortium. Audiobooks, books on CD, large-print books, DVDs, and e-books offer learning in multiple modalities. Library programs teach skills, address current issues, inform, and entertain all age groups. Home-schooled students can do research, small groups can collaborate, and students can be tutored in private meeting rooms. Many libraries offer STEAM programming and activities. Patrons will enjoy learning in an accessible, welcoming environment that includes public computers and free Wi-Fi access. They can check out materials to take home or take advantage of curbside pickup. The library is definitely a center of learning.
Libraries promote social interactions. Patrons are encouraged to ask librarians for assistance and suggestions. Book Clubs, story time, and other programs foster learning and friendships. Teen programming and gaming activities are popular offerings. Free internet and Wi-Fi use allows friends and families to connect, especially for those with no or limited internet service at home. Patrons can arrange Telehealth conferences in meeting rooms. Seniors can play games, share hobbies, do puzzles, or simply visit over coffee. If our program space is large enough, we could potentially host Village Board meetings, community groups or even elections. The size and usage of the program room will be influenced by the grants we might receive. Regardless, a new library will certainly promote social and community interactions.
Finally, libraries affect the economy of a community in both large and small ways. No, local taxes will not increase because of our new library. We appreciate that the Village Board granted us permission to build on the Village-owned property. All other building funds will be secured through grants, donations, and fundraising efforts. This is a huge undertaking which I hope will bring our community together. I hope the new library will help attract new families to Cadott. I hope its prominent location broadcasts that we are a forward-thinking community, and that we value learning, the arts, the environment, and accessibility and opportunities for all individuals. A perhaps less obvious economic impact results from the programs, resources and technology the library will offer. Patrons can benefit financially from services such as job resources, computer training, and internet use for job searches, interviews, online tax filing, unemployment, and other E-government services. Private rooms allow for work-related video-conferencing and online meetings. A bulletin board and library social media will keep residents informed of community events and opportunities.
Libraries today offer so much more than books. I know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but I am truly excited to be part of this much needed addition to our community.
Cookie Kaste
Library Board President